Struggling to find that one house that could become a home?   Think you might lose all of your hair if you have to go to one more Sunday open house?  Don’t worry, we feel you.  Why not, instead, build your own home?  It sounds daunting, but we can handle all the steps it takes, from dirt all the way to dinner.


The first step is finding a piece of land in the area you’d like your home and, luckily, we’re pretty good at that.  Whether it has another house on it or the lot needs to be rezoned to fit the needs, we have the capabilities to make your lot perfect for your future home.


With connections across Nashville and 30 years of experience, we have the architects and builders that can help design and produce your dream home.  Have one already in mind?  Don’t worry, we play well with others.

It won’t feel like long till you’re having the ladies over for a movie, the guys for the weekly poker game, and the kids have completely claimed the yard.  The Infill Nashville team will walk with you to the final walk through, ensuring that the process is fun and exciting and the end results exceed your dreams.


Sound good?  Contact us today!

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